Hey there. My name is Madi and i'm so glad you are here showing interest in my work. I am a photographer based out of Martinsville, IN. I find my inspiration through nature, music, films + more. I aim to capture and create momentous memories that you will hold onto and cherish for life. I consider myself very easy going. I'm just here to have a good time while capturing YOU. I love meeting new people and developing new connections. I want to be a part of documenting special times in your life and I want you to be able to look back on it and remember forever.

A little back story. My love for photography started back in high school. My friends and I would run around on adventures and I would photograph them just using my phone. I've also always had a love for photographing nature and landscapes. Right out of high school my dad bought me my first camera. Since about 2018 I have been practicing photography on the side as more of a hobby with the occasional sessions with clients. For a long time I knew it was something I wanted to turn into a business.

A little bit about me:

-I'm a coffee loving barista

-My boyfriend and I have two pups we love with our whole hearts

-I love weightlifting, traveling, exploring, hiking, kayaking

-Incense + candles have a special place in my heart

-I love all music

-Fall is my favorite season

-Colorado is my favorite state...mountains feel like home

-Always down for dessert

Thank you for being here!